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Join MISS MIA and the gang from CRITTER CREEK for fun, adventure, exploration, learning & growing!!

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Magic Volcano Lava Recipe

Here it is, JUNIOR SPROUTS!!… INGREDIENTS: 12 oz. glass or plastic bottle2 Tbsp. of baking soda1 Tbsp. of dish soap3 drops of food coloring2 oz. of vinegar BEFORE YOU START: This lava recipe can make a big mess, when it erupts. Be sure to set your volcano up outside, or on a large cookie sheet…


CAN YOU SOLVE Sanford Squirrel’s “Punny Puzzler”??? Here’s how it works First, you must solve each of the 6 WORD SCRAMBLES. Clues to the mystery words of each scramble can be found just below the printable puzzler page.Once you have solved each of the word scrambles, the first letter of each new word, in order…

Miss Mia’s Memory Match Game

Miss Mia’s Memory Match Game HERE’S HOW IT WORKS! This GAME can be played with TWO or MORE PLAYERS or… ONE PLAYER with a TIMER. Just set it for 1 minute, then see how many matches you can find, before the timer goes off! WILD CARD VERSION: It’s easy!! Just 1.) click on the images…