Miss Mia’s Memory Match Game

Miss Mia’s Memory Match Game

  1. On heavy card stock 8.5″ x 11″ paper, print all three “SIDE A” pages twice.
  2. Flip all three printed pages over & print SIDE “B” on the backs, so that the “MISS MIA & the CRITTER CREEK COMPANIONS” logo is on the opposite side of each picture card.
  3. If you have access to a laminating machine or live near a print shop that has one, laminate each page before cutting out, to protect them & keep them longer.
  4. Cut out each individual card, following the cut lines.
  5. On the page 1, SIDE “A” printed page, remove both sets of cards that say “Memory Match Game” on them, so that you a total of 50 picture cards.
  6. Shuffle the deck of cards.
  7. Lay out the cards “SIDE A” down, in rows of 10 across and 5 down.
  8. Each player takes turns turning one card over, then a 2nd card (each turn) to find it’s match. If that player finds a match, pick up the cards & add them to your “found match” pile, stacked with the “SIDE B” sides are facing up. That player gets to go again until they stop finding matches. Then the next player goes!
  9. After all the matches have been found, each player counts up their “found matches” card stack.
  10. Whoever has the most cards WINS!!!

This GAME can be played with TWO or MORE PLAYERS or…

ONE PLAYER with a TIMER. Just set it for 1 minute, then see how many matches you can find, before the timer goes off!


  • Both SANFORD SQUIRREL picture card matches count DOUBLE!!

It’s easy!! Just 1.) click on the images below, to open them in a separate window, 2.) save them, and 3.) PRINT & PLAY!!!


Page 1 – SIDE “A”
Page 2 – SIDE “A”
Page 3 – SIDE “A”


Page 4 – SIDE “B”

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