50 Amazing Uses for Baking Soda & Vinegar

What if I told you that you could easily replace most COMMON PERSONAL & HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS with just two very affordable, safe, effective, family & eco-friendly items??

The other day, I stopped into a drugstore for a toothbrush. As I walked up and down the aisles, I couldn’t help be completely blown away by the amount of chemical based & treated products we put on & in our bodies, homes, kids, pets, environments, etc., on a daily basis.

As a kid, I remember my grandmother was like some kind of wizard genius, with a quickly improvised remedy/fix for just about anything from toothaches, clogged drains to electrical fires. Often times, involving either baking soda or vinegar. Sometimes both.

This also left more room, in home supplies cabinets, for stockpiling jars of cocktail onions (be sure to reuse the pickling juice!) and pilfered little restaurant packets of sweetener. A forward thinking, thrifty and “resourceful” wizard genius, no less!!

Apart from its well-known culinary uses, as a leavening agent, for baked goods, etc., BAKING SODA (sodium bicarbonate) has a wide range of other applications! For example, baking soda is commonly used for its disinfectant, fungicidal, odor eliminating, acid neutralizing, surface scouring properties, and much more!

Similarly, aside from pickling, salad dressings & such, VINEGAR (dilute acetic acid) still remains a popular choice for its disinfectant, deodorant, antibacterial & preservative properties. As well, for it’s ability to break up grease, glues & resins, mineral deposits, and many other practical applications.

When baking soda is mixed with vinegar, the chemical reaction that occurs produces 1.) carbon dioxide gas, 2.) liquid water, 3.) sodium ions, and 4.) acetate ions. The escaping CO2 causes a fizzy, bubbling reaction often used for such things as clearing clogs, to children’s science projects..



  1. Household cleaner, excellent scouring agent.
  2. deodorant for everything from refrigerators, shoes, to cat boxes.
  3. relieves insect bites, sunburn, poison ivy, & other skin irritation
  4. small grease & electrical fire extinguisher
  5. use on animal bedding to deodorize, & eliminate fleas.
  6. fabric stain lifter & deodorizer
  7. removes preservative wax coatings and chemical pesticides, etc. from store-bought fruits & veggies.
  8. relieves stomach upset, nausea & heartburn
  9. used as mouthwash, teeth stain lifter, dentures cleaner
  10. relieves canker sores
  11. used in bath water, relieves diaper rash
  12. soothing foot bath additive. skin softener & exfoliator
  13. absorbs airborne odors. Also great for removing musty smells from old books.
  14. oil stain absorber & cleaner
  15. BBQ grill & oven cleaner. Helps break up grease and burned-on food from pot & pans
  16. silver, stainless steel tarnish remover & polish
  17. added to your dog’s bath water helps eliminate odors, kill fleas & ticks, and soothe irritated skin.
  18. helps relieve ulcer pain
  19. used to adjust pH balance in aquariums.
  20. drain cleaner, de-clogger, & deodorizer
  21. clean & deodorize mops, cleaning sponges, etc.
  22. used to neutralize & clean car battery acid corrosion
  23. carpet cleaner & deodorizer
  24. soap scum remover
  25. relieves toothache pain


  1. All-purpose household cleaner & deodorizer
  2. kills & helps prevent mildew
  3. grout cleaner & whitener
  4. helps remove candle wax from fabrics
  5. used as a skin toner, sun spot remover
  6. manicure pre-soak, cuticle softener
  7. laundry deodorizer & brightener
  8. hardwood floor cleaner (not for use on wax finishes)
  9. kills weeds growing up through cracks in the pavement. *(Do not use in garden or lawn.)
  10. rust remover
  11. added to bath water to help soothe sore muscles, sunburned, & irritated skin.
  12. helps heal and diminish bruises
  13. removes grease & other stains from suede leather.
  14. insect repellent
  15. disinfect cutting boards and other cooking surfaces.
  16. apple cider vinegar works great as a fruit fly trap
  17. eliminates smoke odors from fabrics & other surfaces
  18. used to unclog shower heads
  19. top to bottom bathroom cleaner
  20. drain cleaner, de-clogger, & deodorizer
  21. removes sticker labels & glue residue. also works on gum in fabric
  22. use to clean & disinfect coffee makers, humidifiers, washing machines
  23. window cleaner
  24. crayon and pen mark remover
  25. use vinegar & sugar water solution to extend the life of you cut flower arrangements.




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