Keeping a HOME & GARDEN JOURNAL can be a great tool for helping ORGANIZE a routine & PLAN ahead for various seasonal tasks, or just to simply KEEP TRACK of monthly expenses, dates and MORE!

One thing I absolutely love is seeing other gardeners’ journals. Each one so unique & personalized, that you could easily match them to their owners, in a blind challenge. I’ve known some folks to just completely take it to a whole other level and develop their garden journals into some truly amazing SCRAPBOOKS, complete with pressed flowers, family recipes, pictures, personal notes, poems & art, herbal folk remedy recipes, children’s artwork, reference materials, “D.I.Y. article clippings, plant profile tags from the nursery, seed packets organized in their respective months and more! The sky’s (or soil) is the limit!!

Whether you are looking to GET ORGANIZED, develop a multi-generational FAMILY GARDEN SCRAPBOOK keepsake, or anything in between, here are some tools to help you get started! My goal with these pages was to develop a wide range of TOOLS, geared, not only for keeping track of EXPENSES, GENERAL TASKS, service DATES, etc., but also tools to help folks get more confidently oriented in the basic flow through each season, in a way that is FUN & inspires further EXPLORATION & CREATIVITY. Keep an eye out for NEW WORKSHEETS & CHILDREN’S GARDEN PAGES as they develop!! And, as always, send any thoughts & suggestions of anything you would like to see developed!


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